With 37 years’ worth of industry experience, Beyard Services LTD can provide a range of top-class services. Our staff are fully equipped, trained and qualified to meet the requirements of our clients. Our services include:

Sometimes you can be left with abandoned office spaces. This is annoying and can cost you money if there is a delay in new tenants entering the property. Working to the needs of landlords who have been left to deal with abandoned spaces, our staff can completely restore office and commercial spaces to their original condition. We are fully equipped to deal with the removal of any large, heavy or hazardous objects.

Our staff are also fully equipped in dealing with spillages that may be hazardous and needing cleaned immediately. Our spillage response team are available for roadside, factory, warehouse and building site spillages. Using cutting edge granules, spill kits, oil absorbant and chemical absorbant pads Beyard Services LTD can respond to hazardous and non-hazardous spillages, minimising risk to health, safety and environment.

Clean windows are a must for any serious business. They are one of the first things clients and business partners see before entering your premises. Working with a long-reach water fed pole system, we remove the need for employees to work at height. Beyard Services LTD specialises in offices blocks and commercial retail park windows. We also cover window cleaning for factories, industrial units and warehouses. Make sure you make a great first impression!

The grounds where your business resides are important in creating strong first impressions. Our ground maintenance team are fully qualified in getting your building’s external looking smart, tidy and professional. We cover all areas of ground maintenance with specific emphasis on; grass cutting, shrub bed maintenance, weed prevention, power washing, litter-picking and tree surgery. A large part of our ground maintenance duties on the majority of contracts focuses on commercial landscaping.

Fly-tipping is annoying when it happens on your property. Getting rid of fly-tipping shouldn’t add even more stress. Simply give the Beyard Services LTD team a call and let us deal with your fly-tipping problems. Our SEPA waste carrier’s license means we legally dispose of waste via a registered waste transfer station. Beyard are committed to ensuring safe, secure and eco-friendly waste disposal.

If you’re interested in any of our services, do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer instant replies to all enquiries.