Window Cleaning

First impressions are important to any business, and dirty windows can ruin first impressions. Regular window cleaning  will subtly improve the exterior of your building and improve the durability and performance of your windows. You can keep your business looking clean all year round with the help of our first-class window cleaning service that our skilled staff can provide.

Long Reach Water Fed Pole Systems

Our window-cleaning team use a long reach water fed pole system, a method that has become increasingly preferred. For taller buildings you no longer need a ladder. Water fed pole systems can reach higher than any conventional ladder.


Health and safety is the main reason we use a long reach water fed pole system. There is no need for a ladder, as windows can be cleaned from the ground. This ultimately makes window cleaning safer as there’s no risks of falling. It also complies with The Work at Height Regulations.


Windows can be cleaned quicker by using a long reach pole. There’s no need to carry buckets of water or climb up and down ladders. A window cleaner can clean all the windows from one position on the ground.

We Use Ionised Water

We use ionised water. Ionised water is purified water which dries naturally and does not leave streaks. This means we do not have to use any detergent at all when washing the windows.


Water fed poles use purified water, meaning there are no side effects or harm done to your property. Using a sponge and bucket usually relies on a chemical solution or detergent which can pose health and environmental risks.

Properties we service

  • Office blocks
  • Retail parks
  • Factories
  • Industrial units
  • Warehouses

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. No commercial job is too small or tall for our team of professional window cleaners. Get in touch today.