Office & Commercial Clearances

Leaving an office or commercial area abandoned with left over furniture can be stressful and inconvenient for landlords and owners. It’s time consuming and contributes to the 1 billion tonnes of waste that’s created each year in the UK. Moreover, landlords who are not registered waste carriers will have difficulty in legally disposing leftover waste.  So, clearances should be left to professionals like us. Beyard are committed to offering safe, secure and eco-friendly waste-disposal. With our SEPA waste carriers license, we can legally take any waste materials to a registered waste transfer station. We have worked on a number of clearances, where offices and commercial properties have been abandoned and littered with left over furniture. Beyard Services have made remarkable jobs of completely restoring these properties back to their original condition. We prioritise landlord’s wishes of putting their buildings back on the market, so speed and getting property back to a rentable condition is our key aim! Some of the commercial properties we clear include:


If you’re looking to clear an office quickly and smoothly, our service is suited to your needs. With experience in clearing both large and small offices, we can remove everything from desks, chairs, filing cabinets and bookshelves. Redecorating services available on request.

Factories and warehouses

No job is too big for Beyard. Our team are fully skilled and trained in removing any heavy or possibly dangerous substances that have been left in factories or warehouses. Whatever is in a unit, we can dispose of it. Beyard can also offer spillage cleaning services. Whatever materials have been present in a property we can provide a safe disposal solution and restore your factory or warehouse back to a lettable condition.