Gritters Scotland

Beyard have one of the largest privately-owned gritting fleets in Scotland – our private gritting company fleet is even bigger than most Scottish council’s gritting fleets.

Hiring professionals like us to take care of gritting and snow clearing is beneficial for various reasons. Our staff have the skills and experience to do the job safely and we’re fully equipped to get it done properly!

We offer an excellent machine assisted service for clearing snow and gritting, thanks for our range of fully equipped vehicles. All of our private gritting company hires come with a fully qualified, trained and equipped operator.

Our vehicles include:

Lorry mounted gritters

The main purpose of our lorry mounted gritters is to spread salt over roads, carparks, service yards and other larger areas to prevent snow or ice. Each of our lorry mounted gritters are fitted with their own snow plough attachment too.

SnowEx attachment

These are designed to perform in more compact areas such as small carparks. The SnowEx is a time-saving godsend. As the SnowEx is attached to a smaller vehicle this gritting solution is more manoeuvrable than large gritters.

JCB/Tractor with plough

JCBs and tractors are renowned for their speed at clearing snow. These can work anywhere that’s been affected by cold weather and its plough can clear through huge amounts of snow. Beyard also offer manual services for gritting and snow clearing in pedestrianised areas that gritters cannot access. If winter gets tough this year, do not hesitate to contact Beyard. We can provide instant replies to your enquiries.